What genres do you prefer?

You noticed that one person is very interesting to listen to, but the other is simply impossible. And, it seems, the person is not bad, and says the case, but can not really explain anything. Words are not enough to formulate your thoughts. So, for how you say, your vocabulary answers. This is an indicator of the beauty and fullness of speech, and the indicator of your intellectual development. On average, a person knows seven to ten thousand words, whereas an erudite uses up to thirty thousand words in his speech. Do you feel the difference? The network has a lot of tests, thanks to which you can evaluate the quality of your speech and check your vocabulary. And if there is a problem, or just want to improve the results, you need to enter in your daily schedule 30 minutes of reading the book. In books written in a beautiful, literate language, much more words and expressions are used, compared with everyday conversational life. The more books you read, the fuller your vocabulary will be. The more literate will be the speech, both oral and written. And speech is the first and most important tool of man. And the more qualitative it is, the more chances it has in any sphere. Whether it's a job interview for work, or a love relationship.